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2004 Results

6th March
The Green Centre, Worcester, England
G-Force & The Chosen One (Japan) beat The Coalminers
Cage pinned shockwave in a retirement match
Maddog Maxx defeated Sal Americana (USA)
The Ragin Bull beat Ric Gunner (USA), Shawn 'The Man' Harrigan, 'Outcast' Sam Daniels, Chris Carrs & Ashley Steel to become The 2004 Prince Of Punishment 
Jonny 'The Body' Costello beat "Showtime' Shawn Christopher (USA) to become the HCW World Heavyweight Champion
'Showtime' Shawn Christopher (USA) won a RumbleMania Battle Royal
8th March
Enderby Social Club, Leicestershire, England
(In association with Jack Taylor)
The Ragin Bull wrestled Rory Silver to a draw
El Grapelli (Mexico) beat The Judge
'Outcast' Sam Daniels beat Shawn 'The Man' Harrigan
Taten Madico wrestled Nick Ashbury to a draw
Ric Gunner (USA) defeated Maddog Maxx
HCW World cahmpionship (12 x 3 Min Rounds, 2 Falls)
Jonny 'The Body' Costello beat 'Showtime' Shawn Christopher 2-1
26th September
The Flash Leisure Centre, Welshpool, Wales
The Giant Tom (France) beat Nicky 'Super Kick' Mace
Marcus Kool pinned Sal Americana (USA) to become North American Champion
Maddog Maxx & 'Outcast' Sam Daniels beat Jonny 'The Body' Costello & 'Rock & Roll Express' Blondie Barrett
The Coalminers beat The Faction, Staxx & Jason (USA)& Nick Ashbury & Aaron Morgan to become the Tag Team Champions
Kid Kandy pinned G-Force
Maddog Maxx won a Bring The Noise 30 Man Rumble
31st October
Newtown Club, Malvern, England
The Giant Tom (France) beat Aaron Morgan
Nicky 'Super Kick' Mace pinned Spirit Walker
Staxx, Pogo & Dublin Dystroyer beat The Faction
Ace Amderson defeated Cory Cooper
Maddog Maxx & Tommy Saint defeated Sal Americano (USA) & Jonny 'The Body' Costello
Nicky 'Super Kick' Mace won a Battle Royal
3rd December
The Rainbow Hill Club, Worcester, England
Nicky 'Super Kick' Mace pinned Staxx
'Outcast' Sam Daniels blasted Tiny Tim (Australia)
Cage pinned Jason (USA)
Maddog Maxx & Tommy Saint beat The Giant Tom (France) & Jonny 'The Body' Costello
The faction beat The PYT's
Tommy saint won a Battle Royal

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